Cheap Life Insurance Quotes, information & articles on Australian Car Insurance Companies, Health Insurance, latest Health News and Car Insurance Brokers. Who can get you the best rates and cover? Some car insurance firms are exceptional. They pay claims promptly, have Cheap Auto Insurance and are easy to deal with. In Australia I wouldn’t go with Youi, Real Insurance or Bingle, based on their online reviews. Latest list of Flood Insurance firms:

Health Insurance has been back in the news lately, and we examine which of the funds are best for your family.

Did you get hit with the Medicare Levy Surcharge?

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HCF, which is a not-for-profit insurer, is the third largest such provider in the country after the Federal Government-owned Medibank Private  and MBF. Manchester Unity  has 90,000 members and is in the top ten funds in Australia. 

This means now more than 1.2 million Australian have policies covered under the merger.

Our Life Australia list shows a list of the registered life insurance companies in Australia.  Compare life insurance, term life insurance & life insurance quotes from 15 life insurance companies online.

I personally worked in the car insurance industry for a few years. I got to know who were the best insurers and some greatAustralian Insurance Brokers. My favourite broker manager is Dave Ferris from IC Frith Insurance Brokers.  He can get the best deals and packages for you, especially for Associations & Clubs and Professional Indemnity Insurance. In Sydney Australia you can contact David on 8853 9100 or email him at [email protected]

Couple with cheap car insurance quotes relaxingCouples or singles can find the easiest ways to get to the best Health Insurance quotes. You will find that International Health Insurance firms are very competitive. 


Choice Magazine found some Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes and the following annual savings across all Australian states:

$1500 for a young driver
$1030 for a adult driver
$495 for an adult driver
$440 for an older driver

Compare Online Car Insurance Quotes for a single adult or couple from some of the better known firms. 

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Here are my favourite insurance companies.  All are offering very competitive products in Australia.

By the way, are you looking for CTP Green Slips? If you are looking around to get a CTP insurance quote, there are two websites that will help you make comparisons, one in NSW – MAA Greenslip Price Comparison and one in Queensland,Queensland CTP Insurance Quote Comparison.  Here is some more information from our own research – CTP Insurance Quotes

Australian Insurance Companies

AAMI Insurance
Phone 132 244.

Allianz Australia
Phone 1300 137 664.

AMP Super
Phone 131 267

AON Risk Services
Phone 02 9253 7000

B and B Risk Insurance

Catholic Church Insurances Ltd.
1300 655 001.

CGU Australia
1800 132 959.

ING Australia
133 665

GIO Australia
Phone 131010

National Mutual
Phone 137 292

Phone 13 14 63

Norwich Union Australia

NRMA Offices
Phone 132 132


Prudential Surety I.T. Insurance

QBE Insurance Group
Phone: 133 QBE (133 723)

Ramsay Health Care
RAC Insurance Pty Ltd

RACQ Offices

RACV Offices

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Auto Insurance

You must tell the insurer any change to;
1. Your address.
2. Use of the car, whether it’s personal or business use.
3. Drivers of car. For example, if your son or daughter starts driving.
4. Any offences or fines.
5. Driving record (including any accidents, even if you didn’t make a claim)
6. Modifications to the car. Changes to the transmission or engine, mag wheels or tinted windows.
7. Condition of the car. For example, rust, deterioration or any other damage.

More Tips:
1. Tell your insurer if drivers under 25 will be driving your car.
2. It helps to check if young drivers are excluded from driving.
3. You will need in most cases to list them on the policy & pay an additional premium for it.
4. Automobile premiums on your insurance policy are often able to be reduced. This is by a higher excess. The insurance premium may be cut considerably.
5. Cheap car insurance may often be at the risk of losing essential cover. Talk to your broker first before deciding which insurance cover is best.
6. Drink Driving will negate your car insurance

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